AITSL The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
18 Dec
Margery Evans, Chief Executive Officer of AITSL, 18 December 2015.
24 Nov
Looking back on spring, one event stands out: ‘the race that stops a nation’, which particularly ignited the sporting world’s interest this year.
29 Sep
Are you shopping for Classroom Observation Strategies? Good news! You’ve come to the right place: we have a choice of six. No, wait! Come back! What’s that you say? Too many choices? Surely not… But then again, maybe you’re on to something there.
24 Aug
For a change of pace, I’m pleased to welcome some thoughts from a guest blogger, Jennie Lindsay. She’s the Principal of Malkara School in the ACT and currently in the role of Principal Liaison Officer at AITSL. Here, Jennie shares some observations... Read on
5 Aug
“He speaks to us as if we were a public meeting.” So complained Queen Victoria - using the ‘royal plural’ - about her regular private meetings with William Gladstone, the four-time British Prime Minister. In a tradition that continues to this day,... Read on