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New AITSL Website - Margery Evans, Chief Executive Officer of AITSL, 05 May 2014.

‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ 

Well, it turns out that, this year the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) does, but perhaps not quite in the way you may be thinking right now. 

This year, AITSL is on track to hit the million mark. A million unique visitors to our website, that is. Why is this important? 

Let me go back to the beginning, and throw in a few more statistics along the way.

In Australia there are about 300,000 teachers and school leaders scattered across nearly 10,000 schools located across the breadth and depth of the country. AITSL have about 60 staff located at offices in Melbourne and Canberra.

This was the equation we were faced with at AITSL when we considered how best to communicate and interact with the people we are here to serve and support. Our solution was to focus on online and social media communications as a means of complementing our capacity to interact with people in ‘real time’. When we can’t be in the room with people, we still want to be a presence in their professional lives through our online communication channels.

Being a collaborative organisation, we also wanted to do more than just broadcast information via the Internet. We were conscious that we wanted to be able to hear the voices of the profession in the ‘virtual’ world, as well as in ‘real time’. We wanted to create the opportunity for ongoing conversations about AITSL’s work among the members of the profession, and we wanted those conversations to be owned by the profession.

A few years down the track and we are an all channels open, online and social media capable organisation. We call it ‘AITSL everywhere’. If you haven’t connected with us yet, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Internet.

That brings me to AITSL’s brand new website, the first phase of which was launched on 28 April.

So, why a new website?

It’s a continuation of our strategy to be available everywhere teachers and school leaders need to access us, and the information and resources we provide. The new AITSL website provides enhancements that we believe are going to help more people in schools all across the country engage with us and each other, more effectively.

Our new website is customised to meet the needs of all Australian teachers and school leaders we’ve talked with, been listening carefully to and what people in schools want to help them in their jobs. They want to:

  • access information in meaningful professional and real-world contexts
  • be supported in their journey of professional growth
  • engage with practical, multimedia resources tools and resources based on world-class research
  • connect with colleagues and communities of interest
  • engage with educational thought leadership

You can get all this, and more at the new AITSL website.

We will be constantly updating our website with new content. When you visit, be sure to register and sign up for our newsletter so that you can be notified when we add to our already extensive array of tools and resources.

While you’re on our website, you will notice the enhanced search function and intuitive design. You will also notice that we have implemented a responsive design that provides a mobile interface suitable for devices of all sizes and screen resolutions. For those of you who are wondering what that’s really all about, it means that our website now works more effectively on any device, to help you get better and quicker access to all of our resources.

Over the next few months we will continue to implement new features and functionality. Our next focus area is greater personalisation of our website experience, so that you can compile, manage and share our resources in ways that are meaningful to you in your professional context.

There is a lot happening on the AITSL website at the moment and it’s all about making our resources more accessible, shareable and useful for teachers and school leaders, collectively and individually. 

So …… register for our updates and pass the word on to your colleagues. It’s not just that we want to exceed our million hits target, it’s all about creating a more productive experience for each one of you.


Submitted by Julie Murray (P... (not verified) on

The Lead Teachers Association South Australia (LTASA) faces similar challenges to AITSL in terms of outreach. As a growing association, we endeavour to outreach to as many colleagues, cross sector, as possible and have found social media an essential tool for this purpose.
Our links with AITSL primarily through the web site and social media greatly support the work LTASA does in supporting the professional development of teacher leaders. These links provide us with the information and knowledge necessary to build professional capacity and in a way, we feel that AITSL is a valued partner in the work that we undertake.

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