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Farewell from AITSL's CEO

Margery Evans, AITSL Chief Executive Officer, 5 May 2016.

On 13 May, I fly out to a new job and a new adventure in Paris. I have accepted the role of Academic Director with the Aga Khan Education Services, which operates over 300 hundred schools serving about 54,000 students in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Tanzania and Uganda. To say that it will be a different experience from working at AITSL is a masterpiece of understatement – and I am relishing the challenge.

During my tenure at AITSL, great duties, privileges and responsibilities have been entrusted to me and great joys have resulted. I have loved my six years as CEO with this fine organisation and I am confident that AITSL will continue to make an important contribution to education in Australia.

When Michael Bloomberg was Mayor of New York City, he delivered a powerful State of the City address. His words still resonate with me as I reflect on AITSL’s achievements and think about the future. Bloomberg could have been referring to AITSL when he said:

“We have to be honest with ourselves: we only climbed halfway up the mountain, and halfway isn’t good enough. We want all of our children to see the view from the top, to see the world of possibilities that stretch out before them. Now, getting there won’t be easy. The climb gets steeper the higher you go. But we cannot allow fear of what lies ahead to stop us, we cannot allow obstacles to slow us down, and we cannot allow those who prefer the comforts of the base camp to the exhilaration of the summit to hold us back. We have to charge ahead.”

I congratulate the Board Members, staff and stakeholders who have worked together under the AITSL banner to take us halfway along this highly ambitious climb. The trek ahead will be steep and the effort required considerable if AITSL is to continue to make a real and sustained difference to the quality of teaching and leadership in schools across the country so that all young Australians get to see the view from the top of the mountain.

Under the stewardship of Mr Chris Wardlaw, who has been appointed at AITSL as interim CEO, I am confident AITSL will continue to flourish. Concurrently, the Board of AITSL is seeking the next Chief Executive Officer. The advertisement can be viewed here

Thank you to all those who have played a part in AITSL success and supported me in discharging my leadership role. Keep climbing!


With best wishes,

Margery Evans


Submitted by Helen Lee (not verified) on

Congratulations Margery. You have contributed hugely to the establishment of AITSL as our peak educational body. And you have done it with wisdom and charm. Thank you.

Submitted by Nick Thornton (not verified) on


Congratulations on your appointment to the Foundation and good luck. Thank you for everything you have done for Australian school leaders


Nick Thornton.

Submitted by Mileva Tubbs (not verified) on

Thank you Margery. I've enjoyed reading your blogs and wish you the very best in your new role.

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