AITSL The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
24 Oct
The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership has welcomed new CEO, Lisa Rodgers. Lisa was appointed following an extensive national and international search and succeeds previous CEO, Margery Evans. Lisa joins AITSL from the New... Read on
30 Mar
Margery Evans, AITSL Chief Executive Officer, 1 April 2016. There’s an incisive saying in the business world: “Customers who complain are your friends, because they help you to improve.” That’s an interesting perspective. While our instincts might... Read on
18 Dec
Margery Evans, Chief Executive Officer of AITSL, 18 December 2015.
29 Sep
Are you shopping for Classroom Observation Strategies? Good news! You’ve come to the right place: we have a choice of six. No, wait! Come back! What’s that you say? Too many choices? Surely not… But then again, maybe you’re on to something there.
22 Jul
A colleague of mine who is a musician recently posted this on his Facebook page: “'Amateurs practise ‘till they get it right. Professionals practise ‘till they can't get it wrong.' Well, that explains 16 hours of my weekend.” I don’t think he was... Read on